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But first,

Let's look at this beautiful variety of

Belief Systems (aka known as Religions)

All created by humans.

Non is right or wrong.

All are unique, but most are same in the root or objective. 

This list includes both major world religions and indigenous,

folk, and tribal religions,

along with their approximate time frames of emergence.

All created by humans

1. Hinduism - Evolved over thousands of years, with ancient roots dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization (around 3300–1300 BCE).

The Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) was the earliest known urban culture of the Indian subcontinent. The IVC was a Bronze Age civilization that existed from 3300–1300 BCE. The IVC extended from modern-day northeast Afghanistan to Pakistan and northwest India. 

The IVC was a well-planned and well-built urban civilization. The IVC's cities

were also centers of commerce.  The IVC's infrastructure, architecture, and systems of governance were well-organized.  The IVC's peak was around 2600 BC and it went into decline around 1900 BC. 

The IVC was discovered in the early 1900s by a British archaeologist named John Marshall. Many historians believe the IVC collapsed because of changes to the geography and climate of the area. Movements in the Earth's crust might have caused the Indus river to flood and change its direction.

2. Zoroastrianism - Traditionally attributed to the prophet Zoroaster (Zarathustra) in the 6th or 7th century BCE.

3. **Jainism** - Traces its origins to the teachings of Mahavira in the 6th century BCE.

4. **Buddhism** - Founded by Siddhartha Gautama, known as the Buddha, around the 5th century BCE.

5. **Confucianism** - Developed from the teachings of Confucius (551–479 BCE) in ancient China.

6. **Taoism** (Daoism) - Evolved around the same time as Confucianism, with Laozi often considered its foundational figure.

7. **Judaism** - Ancient origins, with its foundational texts and traditions developing over centuries, possibly around 2nd millennium BCE.

8. **Christianity** - Emerged in the 1st century CE based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

9. **Islam** - Founded in the 7th century CE by the Prophet Muhammad.

10. **Sikhism** - Established by Guru Nanak in the late 15th century CE.

11. **Baha'i Faith** - Emerged in the 19th century CE with the teachings of Bahá'u'lláh.

12. **San Religion** - The indigenous beliefs of the San people in Southern Africa, dating back thousands of years.

13. **Native American Religions** - Diverse indigenous belief systems in the Americas, each with its own origin and history, stretching back for thousands of years.

14. **Shinto** - Indigenous religion of Japan, with origins dating back to ancient times, possibly before recorded history.

15. **African Traditional Religions** - Diverse set of indigenous beliefs across Africa, each with its own history and origin, spanning thousands of years.

16. **Sami Religion** - Indigenous beliefs of the Sami people in Northern Europe, developed over a long period of time.

17. **Australian Aboriginal Religions** - Complex indigenous belief systems of the Aboriginal people in Australia, with origins dating back tens of thousands of years.

18. **Maori Religion** - Indigenous beliefs of the Maori people of New Zealand, evolving over many centuries.

19. **Ancient Egyptian Religion** - The religious beliefs of ancient Egypt with a history spanning several millennia.

20. **Norse Mythology** - The pre-Christian belief system of the Germanic peoples, including the Norse, with a history dating back to ancient times.

21. **Druidry** - A modern revival of the beliefs and practices of the ancient Celtic peoples, which were suppressed by Roman and Christian influences.

22. **Voodoo** (Vodou) - A syncretic religion that developed in Haiti with influences from African, indigenous, and European beliefs.

23. **Candomblé** - An Afro-Brazilian religion developed in Brazil, blending African traditions with Catholicism.

24. **Shamanism** - A set of practices found in various indigenous cultures around the world, often involving a connection to the spirit world through shamans.

25. **Haida Mythology** - The traditional beliefs of the Haida people of the Pacific Northwest, known for their rich artistic and spiritual culture.

Please note that this list provides a broad overview, and the exact origins of many of these religions can be difficult to determine due to the complexities of history and the evolution of belief systems over time.

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