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Meet Ilana Libman: Your Wish Master & Guide to Transformation

Ilana Libman was born during communism in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her story is one of resilience, compassion, and boundless love. Despite facing challenges as the only Jewish girl in school, Ilana's true passion lay in connecting with others and spreading happiness.


Before the digital age, Ilana embraced the richness of human interaction and the infinite possibilities of imagination. Reflecting on those days, Ilana fondly recalls, "We had no internet. The world was our playground, and it truly ignited our creativity and connectivity."


In 2015, her dedication to making a difference culminated in opening Jersey City's first and only Health-based community center/recreational facility, a 6,000-square-foot space where people would come together and find solace through creativity. Driven by her desire to heal and empower others, Ilana started a non-profit organization that created peace and communication through Art. In 2016, collaborating with various organizations, she opened an Art program for the youth in Bethlehem, Palestine.


In the face of adversity brought on by the global pandemic in 2020, she had to close her businesses. Ilana's journey took a transformative turn the following year when she embraced the practice of Rapid Transformational Therapy®, (RTT®,).She is fluent in three languages,  based in NYC & practice internationally online via “Zoomnosis”. At Libman Innovative Therapy & RTT®, Ilana offers hypnotherapy methods that surpass traditional therapy. Her revolutionary, results-driven approach uncovers the root causes of an issue rather than simply treating the symptoms. 

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